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Many thanks to the authors who have contributed their pictures, and information, with full permission, as part of my website, especially the following people, companies, and organizations:


o    Maureen Anderson, author of "Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths In & Around Durham", who provided me with three exclusive coloured pictures, "Ferryhill Windmill", "High Hill House Farm", and "Kirk Merrington Church".

o    Denise, contacted by her e-mail address, for her pictures of Kirk Merrington Church, and the Brass Children Alter-tomb of 1683.

o    Bob Abley, of Spennymoor, for allowing me to use the Kirk Merrington Church picture from James Dodd’s “The History of the Urban District of Spennymoor”.

o    Ms Jennifer Gill / Ms Liz Bragazzi, County Archivists, Durham County Record Office, for contacting the depositor of the Merrington Parish Merrington; both allowing permission for the use of extracts from the Merrington Parish Records, EP/Mer 1 "Baptism of John Brass, Jnr", and EP/Mer 2 "Burial of the murdered children"; "Burial of Margaret Brass"; and "Marriage of John Brass to Elizabeth Humble".

o    Martin Dufferwiel, author of “Durham: A Thousand Years of History and Legend”, who agreed to allow the picture of the memorial of the Brass Children’s Alter-tomb.

o    Durham University Palace Green Library -Archives and Special Collections, who gave me permission to use Archives "SB +0454" namely "In the County Palatine of Durham", and Shelfmark: "NSR Planfile C 19/3/1-4," namely "Jeffery's Map of Durham" (Clip of Ferryhill)

o    Renna Goyal (Brand Manager, Dungeons [UK]), from the London Dungeon, who gave permission to allow the example of the gibbet to be shown on the picture gallery. You can go to the London Dungeon at:

o    Chris Lloyd of "The Northern Echo" for allowing me to use the newspaper articles concerning the Ferryhill Bank Murder of 1928, from "The Northern Echo".

o    Paul Perry and Derek Doods, who allowed the pictures of the Brass Children Alter-tomb, and the Brawn of Brancepeth, from pages 20 and 21 from their book “Curiosities of County Durham”.  You can visit Paul Perry’s Site on Jarrow at:

o    T. Robson, Town Clerk, of Spennymoor Town Council, County Durham U.K. for granting permission to use picture of Andrew Mills' Stob, and picture of Ferryhill in the 17th Century, from the Book "The Millennium Book".